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    According to popular English folklore, Robin Hood was an imaginary hero outlaw, who existed during medieval times. Legend has it, he was a simple peasant who wandered through Sherwood Forest with his band of followers, poaching the King’s deer.

    He is portrayed as a good hearted outlaw who rebelled against the harsh rule of the elite by stealing from them and distributing it to the poor and needy. He was known never to hurt women or children and that is why they were known as the band of “Merry Men. and much revered by the poor.

    Traditionally the color of Robin Hood Hats were green or earth toned. and made out of cloth, shaped like a triangle with a large point in the back. Our leather Robin Hood hats are punched and laced by hand. We have a variety of traditional greens and earth tones as well as fun colors. See listing under Additional Information (above).


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    Beige Robin Hood Hat







    Wear a Rpbin Hood Hat on your next visit to the Renaissance Fair or at a cosplay party.


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